Golf Courses

  1. Pebble Beach (USA)

Although the hole seven of Pebble Beach is just 106 yards, including the shorter of the sport, it is also one of the locations most iconic golf. Located on a cliff, overlooking the waves of the Pacific Ocean, it is difficult to imagine a more beautiful place to play golf.

This course is usually on the list of the best golf courses. Pebble Beach is also famous for offering classes by the best instructors in the country, including revolutionary technology and innovative training.

In February, we usually celebrate the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, where they bring together the best golfers.

  1. DLF Golf and Country (India)

The length of this field is striking, above the seven thousand meters and its slopes, as well as the distance between greens. Its hole 17 aspires to become a photographic icon, with impressive decoration as a quarry.

  1. Legend Golf & Safari Resort (South Africa)

Legend Golf & Safari Resort offers golf and safaris fans an unforgettable experience.

Each of the 18 holes has been designed by a world golf legend. Located at the top of the impressive Hanglip Mountain, hole 3 is accessible only by helicopter and is played on a green of African shapes about 400 meters below.

  1. St Andrews (Scotland)

Possibly, St. Andrews is the most famous golf course on this list, with its spectacular coastal Meadows, usually hit by a strong wind.

It is known that as early as 1400 go,lf was started in The Meadows of St Andrews, the first place in the world where historical references are made to this practice.

  1. Nullarbor Links, (Australia)

Null arbor Links Course, south of Australia ha,s the world’s largest golf circuit: no less than 1,364 kilometers, in fact, each hole is located in a different city. Completing the circuit means making a beautiful journey through the southern landscapes of the island-mainland.

Since this route runs through mostly arid areas, tees and greens are made of artificial grass. The average distance that separates one hole from another is about 66 kilometers.

Players who are able to finish this course receive a diploma that certifies that they have successfully completed the test. This is a selection we have made, but there are thousands of golf courses as spectacular or more than these. Write to us in the comments if you know of such a special field or have had the pleasure of visiting one of these that we discuss with you.

  1. Cape Kidnappers (New Zealand)

Located in the remote Bay of Hawke, in an area known as the pirate’s bank, this field has overtime earned the fair reputation of being one of the most challenging and appetizing in the world. Just by keeping an eye on the street plan yo,u can understand why: the sea, separated from the greens and tees by a dizzying 140-meter cliff, accompanies each blow. According to Tom Doak, the designer of this prodigy, his goal was to “create holes you wouldn’t find anywhere else. That wasn’t hard to do because its location is unique in the world.” There is no one who does not sign under this statement.